Holmes Costin & Marcus PLLC Advocates for Executives

If you are an executive or other senior-level employee being pushed out by your company or being hired by a new company, your livelihood, financial security, career and reputation are at stake. Not only are the stakes high, you may feel like the company holds all the cards. We have helped and empowered other executives at these critical times and can help and empower you.

You may not realize it but, by pushing you out, your company may be violating your rights under a contract, a company retirement plan, corporate by-laws, and/or whistleblower, labor and anti-discrimination laws. We will advise you on your rights and fight for you to protect them – if necessary, in an action against the company in court, arbitration or meditation. More fundamentally, we will fight to protect your interests in having continued income and financial security, and in keeping intact your reputation and future career prospects.

You also may not realize that you do not have to accept an employment, transition, separation or severance agreement that was prepared by the company’s lawyers with only the company’s interests in mind. We can advise you on these types of agreements, and even negotiate them on your behalf. Especially because we have seen what can go wrong in relationships between companies and high-level employees and how one-sided agreements can make matters worse for the employees, we know what to include in an agreement and what to leave out. With our guidance, agreements between you and your company will protect your interests, make clear the rights and responsibilities of you and the company, and create the right incentives so that future disputes may be avoided.

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