Holmes Costin & Marcus PLLC Represents Clients in Business Disputes in Federal and State Courts in Northern Virginia

We are trial lawyers who focus on helping people and businesses in disputes where control and money are at stake, and the disputes belong in federal court in Alexandria (also known as the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia or the EDVA) or state court in Fairfax (that is, the Fairfax County Circuit Court).

The EDVA and Fairfax courts have unique (some might say daunting) rules designed to speed resolution of even the most complicated cases. Our knowledge and understanding of the rules have been honed through our experience litigating dozens of cases in those courts, as well as through judicial courts' clerkships and practices, involvement and leadership in the local federal and state bar associations, and an appointment as a court conciliator. We stay on top of recent decisions from those courts and comment on some of them, especially if they affect businesses, in our blog CravingOyer.

The relative speed and generally predictable schedule in EDVA and Fairfax cases are well-suited for fixed fee arrangements, which we offer as an option for our clients as an alternative to paying for legal services by the hour.

Representative cases are described in our bios at: Kathleen J.L. Holmes, Sheila M. Costin and Ellen D. Marcus. Generally speaking, you may want to call us to find out if we can help if:

  • You believe that your business partners, members of your company’s board or your company’s officers are doing things to hurt the company and should be stopped.

  • You have been accused by business partners, other members of a board on which you sit, a board of directors that oversees you, or company shareholders of acting against the company’s interest and/or violating fiduciary duties.

  • The other party to an agreement is not living up to it – by, for example, not paying money or delivering goods or services as promised, or by doing something that the party promised not to do.

  • You or your company has been accused of breaching a contract or violating an agreement.

  • You or your company was duped by another party into doing something you would never have done if you had known the truth at the time.

  • You or your company has been accused of fraud, fraud in the inducement or negligent misrepresentation.

  • Your competitor is hiring away your company’s employees, stealing your company’s clients and prospective clients, or using your company’s trade secrets or other confidential information to hurt your company’s business and gain an unfair advantage in your industry.

  • You or your company has been accused of violating non-compete, non-solicitation or similar agreements; of tortiously interfering with agreements or prospective business relations; or of violating trade secrets laws.

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